Entries for the Literary Arts must be submitted with the event registration form, attached to the on-line registration or by emailing SilverArts coordinator Torrey Blackmar.  

The 2019 winning Arts entries are:

Essay 1st Place:     “The Disruptive Element in My Neighborhood” by Jeff Davidson
Life Experiences        1st Place:     “By the Time We got to Woodstock” by Jeff Davidson
2nd Place:     “Megabus, An Old Newbie” by Leslie Hamishima
3rd Place:    “Heart Enhancements and an Ever Increasing World View” by Wil Jackson
Poetry 1st Place:    “Indianna Standing” by Wayne Schindler
2nd Place:    “The House on the Hill” by Earl High
3rd Place:    “i talk” by Rose Firestone
Short Story 1st Place:     “Eunice and the Mangler” by Leslie Hamishima
2nd Place:     “Oily Solution” by James Elderedge
3rd Place:    “Tony the Hustler” by Jeff Davidson


More information and submission requirements for entries are available here.

Awards for literary arts are included with the Heritage and Visual Arts Awards Ceremony held on Thursday, April 18th beginning at 1:00 pm at the Fuquay-Varina Arts Center.